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More specifically a blog about my role in writing the webcomic Mythical Gifteds. Here you are free to ask me questions about my writing itself. Below are links to a list of my official character blogs, as well as official Mythical Gifteds blogs.

The only war poem that matters (in my opinion).

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A guide to common terms used in describing tiaras

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Bio help
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ridiculous au post:

  • mob boss and their sweet little flame au
  • moved in together for tax benefits and good friendship au
  • seventh grade au
  • their moms met at bingo night and are trying to set them up au
  • my car broke down on the side of the road and you stopped to help au
  • started talking about menu items at a fast food drive-thru au
  • called a phone sex line as a dare au
  • cowboys au
  • getting their first tattoo and they’re nervous but the artist is really nice au
  • police partners au
  • got drunk and woke up in the wrong house with their pants unbuttoned au
  • trans au
  • came over to yell at you because your dog won’t stop barking and it’s four in the morning but you’re really neat au
  • 1930s hitmen duo au
  • we’re both in the high school’s qsa but are you the queer part or the straight part au
  • rival greaser gang leaders au
  • singer and instrument player at a 1920s speakeasy au
  • returning mail sent to the wrong address au
  • enemy soldiers during the christmas truce of wwi au

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Sick Day

It started with a rush to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Being a small cabin, it didn’t take long to get there. Good thing too. Enri spent the rest of the night curled around the toilet bowl, waiting for the next wave of heaving to hit. She didn’t dare leave long enough to grab a blanket or even a cup of water. When she finally felt in the clear, she placed a bucket next to her Granny’s old bed and climbed in, shivering.

She was still there hours later when Charlie burst through the door. She was in between waves and dozing when the door slammed open. She jumped, sitting up, eyes wild, before her hand flew to her mouth and she was hanging over the side of the bed puking again. Charlie was at her side in seconds, holding her hair away from her face and rubbing her back, frowning down at her in concern. When she was done he helped her lay back and tucked her in. “Charlie?” She had finally registered who it was in her home. “What are you doing here?” “Making sure you’re alive,” he answered. “For once I agree with Mel. You need a phone.” Enri sighed and nodded. Charlie pressed a hand to her forehead and she leaned into it. “You’re nice and cool,” she murmured. She was burning up. Frowning, Charlie readjusted the blankets.

"Just lay still, I’ll be right back." Enri nodded again and closed her eyes, while Charlie stood from the bed. He sent Mel a quick text reading ‘Enri’s sick.’ before leaving his phone on the counter to get Enri a cup of water. He dumped the bucket out in the tub, rinsed it out and returned it to her side. He then hunted until he found a really old-fashioned thermometer and wiped it off before sticking it in her mouth. While he waited for it to tell him how bad her fever was, he got a washcloth and some towels from the bathroom, and wet the washcloth under the sink. He draped one of the towels over the side of the bed to keep it clean, and put the other under the bucket. He pressed the damp cloth to her forehead and plucked the thermometer from her mouth. 105.3. Not. Good.

He rushed to his phone and dialed Mel, uncaring whether she was in class. When she picked up scolding him like an angry squirrel, he interrupted. “Enri’s vomiting and running a temperature of 105.3, she needs to see a doctor.” There was silence on the other end before Mel finally said. “Got it. I’ll figure something out,” and hung up.

Charlie placed his own phone in his pocket and turned to look at Enri as she dozed, her face clammy with sweat. He walked back over to the queen size and climbed onto the bed to sit by her side, gently pushing the hair away from her forehead over and over again. Struck by inspiration, he snuck upstairs for find her brush and hair tie before returning. “Enri?” he prompted gently. She cracked one eye open to peer at him. “Hm?” “Do you want me to braid your hair?” After pondering it for a moment, she nodded and sat up. Lurching so he could reach, Charlie pulled two more blankets from the trunk at the foot of the bed and draped them around her, kicking himself for not thinking of it before, and gently freed her hair from its fabricy prison.

He gently brushed her hair before putting it into a long braid. He used to do this for his sister, so he knew how. Not to be distracted, he tied it off just in time, as she leaned forward to hang over the side of the bed again. Crawling to sit next to her, he supported her while she dry heaved before helping her back under the covers and using the two blankets he had acquired to make her even warmer. She smiled at him as he helped her sip some water. “Thanks Charlie,” she whispered, before lying back.

Hours later, Mel managed to get to them with the best transport she could manage. A stretcher carried by two of her brothers. “Sorry,” she said as Charlie stood and stared, “It was the best I could do. The van’s at the edge of the forest, so we can just load in and get her to my house. We can ask my Dad about a doctor when he gets home.” Sighing, Charlie nodded and led them inside to where Enri had fallen asleep. Seeing the set up, Mel nodded in approval. “You did good Fang. Now let’s get this lil angel to civilization.”

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It was in the middle of the night on the coldest night of the year. Roshii had woken up not because he was cold, but because he seriously had to pee. Sighing in annoyance, he snuggled closer to the body next to him, wrapped up in their arms. He watched the other boy sleep for a while, the way the moonlight slipping through a crack in the curtain gently caressed his skin, or how his messy hair fell across the pillow. He could have drunk that site in forever, but his bladder was insistent that if he didn’t go ASAP it would give up and he’d wet the bed for the first time since he was four while he boyfriend was sleeping over. Resigning himself to his chilly fate, Roshii pressed a kiss to the other boy’s forehead and began to slip from his arms. The other boy mumbled and hugged him closer. 

"Dammit Henry," Roshii muttered quietly, "You aren’t making this any easier." He began to gently pry the boy’s arms from his frame and was almost free when Henry cracked an eye open to peer blearily at him. "Wut’reyoudoin’?" he asked, annoyed his space heater was trying to leave. Roshii smiled wryly at him. "I really have to pee, Ipo." Henry sighed and snuggled closer yet again. "Hold it." Roshii rolled his eyes and yet again pulled at Henry’s arms. "I seriously cannot." Henry moaned in annoyance and freed Roshii, rolling over and snuggling down. "Hurry, kay?" Roshii leaned forward to kiss the back of his neck. "You bet."

Roshii had never peed so fast in his life, and sped back into bed as fast as possible, curling around Henry’s back once he was in and spooning him. He brushed his lips against Henry’s earlobe. “Back.” Henry rolled over and scowled at him. “You’re cold.” Roshii shrugged, grinning. Sighing, Henry wrapped his arms around his stupid, adorkable boyfriend. “Fine, but you owe me big time in the morning.” Roshii pecked his lips. “Sure thing babe.”

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Wild Ride

It was simply at first. A gentle take off from the Ravenclaw Tower where they had picked up Ellyse, Rolland plucking her from the window sill and passing her to Sen, Ellyse settling behind her friend before the three set off, flying in a loop formation. They headed off to fly over Black Lake. On the way there, Rolland performed a few corkscrew loops around Sen and Ellyse, laughing when Ellyse squeaked. Once above the lake however, the pair engaged in more intricate flying techniques. It started when Sen went for a Wronski Feint, diving straight towards the water. She almost didn’t pull it off with the extra weight on her broom, but recovered quickly. Not to be outdone, Rolland followed, and once pulled out of his dive skimmed across the surface of the water in a Starfish and Stick, hanging off his broom and trailing the water with his hand, one leg lazily stretched out behind him, quickly transferring into a Sloth Grip roll and spinning upright when Ellyse cried out, laughing. The two performed loops, barrel rolls, dives and a few double eight loops for about an hour, at one point performing a Porskoff Play (which involves one chaser flying upward, then dropping the quaffle to a chaser below them) featuring Ellyse as the quaffle. 

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Revenge Smooch

Rolland was a complete and utter dick. 
Sen was storming through the hallways, hunting for one Simon Rolland, because she was PISSED. Rolland had promised to drive her home from the club because there was a thunderstorm. He had then proceeded to ditch her in order to woo some random chick and run off with her, then ignored all her texts, and then her step-mom had started texting her because she’d been gone for a week (hanging out with none other than the object of her aggravation at HIS behest) and she had gotten stuck on her own at a club with no ride and a bunch of dicks harassing her. Finally she had had to just walk home.
Now, she was hunting down the french prick, intent on her revenge. Finally she found him, head to head with Julien in their science classroom. Growling, she stormed over and stood before them, hands on her hips and a dangerous scowl on her face. It took a while, but Rolland eventually noticed her. 
“Sen! You won’t believe what this-” he then promptly cut himself off. This was because Sen had stepped up to Julien, grabbed his face and was now passionately kissing him. Julien squirmed and tried to protest, but when he opened his mouth she shoved her tongue in and forced him to play tonsil hockey. 
“Sen, what the FUCK,” Rolland shouted. Pulling away, she shoved Julien back, spun around, stuck her tongue out at him and stormed away again.
Five minutes later, Sen texted him saying. ‘I fucked Julien.’ 
The next day she texted him saying ‘I lied. That’s what you get for ditching me you french prick.’

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A welcome of sorts.

Hello, and welcome to my blog.  You may be wondering about the Webcomic mentioned in my description.  Well, it’s not a webcomic yet.  The first chapter is in the works.  Allow me to explain.

A friend of mine had the idea of making a webcomic based off of an RP, centering around a High School for Mythics.  Not one to be left out, I leaped at the chance to join this project.  This was over a year ago.  Since then I have entered two characters into the fray, Enri Kobayashi and Roshii Nanuil Johnson, and at the end of the current roleplay chapter I will be introducing two more, who are currently in the works. 

As the webcomic grows and a fanbase is (hopefully) established, we will begin making various writing pieces and merchandise available.  We have plenty of plans in the works, and for those of you who have chosen to join me in these early stages welcome!  I hope you stick along for the ride!

I’ll do my best to remember to update this blog and my respective character blogs, but please excuse me if I am inconsistent.  

That’s all for now.  I’ll be posting some writing pieces soon.  In the meantime, enjoy your tumbling, and have a great day!

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